Taxi Dispatch System By Taxi Base Management System

Taxi Dispatch Software

1. Trying to juggle workloads of many vehicles in a transportation company? TBMS is an operating system offering taxi dispatch software with simplicity for managing 1 driver or 500 drivers – we can cope with it all and we will help you to as well! Visit our website for more information

2. The software shows you to track jobs in progress, completed and deleted, as well as allowing you to set filters, do searches and export to Excel and much more! So you can stay on top of all of your jobs, except perhaps mopping the floor! Visit our website for more information

3. Because we know life doesn’t always run smoothly, make sure your transport dispatch system does! We offer the most affordable and efficient dispatch system in the market, leaving you time to focus on offering your customers a great service! Visit our website for more information

4. We cater to all types of taxis, minicabs, chauffeuring, airport transfers, elderly transportation and much more! We are here to make your life easier in a cost effective way – we can’t say fairer than that! Visit our website for more information

5. Operate your system from anywhere in the world using your iPhone, iPad, Android device or your PC! It is fast, secure and 100% reliable and is backed up on several servers with backup export facilities. Visit our website for more information

6. Have you seen our YouTube video? Check it out to learn more about what this great system can offer you!

7. Make sure everyone is kept up to date with SMS’s! Keep all info the drivers need in one simple SMS which can be sent to them for each job they do, send dispatch SMS’s and auto-confirm SMS’s, so everyone is kept informed in real-time for a smooth running process! Visit our website for more information

8. We are here to help you, so if you have any problems, just contact our Support Center who will assist you as quickly as possible to get you back up and running smoothly again!