We are the most economical and comprehensive dispatch system in the country, our apps for drivers and operator(s) make life easier for both to manage their day to day bookings, invoices, driver payslips and many more features from their phones like PDA system.

For a cloud based system the credentials are,

Explorer type : Firefox / Google Chrome

Online Address :

Office name : demo one

Operator name : admin

Password : admin

For an iPhone/iPad Driver App OR Android Driver App the credentials are,

Office name : demo one

Operator name : test

Password : test

For an iPhone/iPad Operator App OR Android Operator App the credentials are,

Office name : demo one

Operator name : admin

Password : admin


Go to Apple app store and search for TBMS Operator app, download and enter above given credentials to use operator features from an iPhone application.


Go to play store and search for Taxibase dispatch and find TBMS Operator app, download and enter above given credentials to use operator features from an iPhone application.


You can create drivers from Web application menu as given below SETUP CAB OFFICE >> Maintain Driver >> Click on ADD button >> Fill the credentials and then click on Save.


Please get your drivers to download TBMS Driver app from App store on their IPhone’s to communicate with driver through the system.

Once app is downloaded, your driver will be required to enter credentials as created in above given Add new driver section.


Android version of driver application is attached to this email, please forward this email to drivers with android phones, once downloaded your drivers need to follow the same login instructions as explained above.


Download from playstore by typing tbms driver

Frequently asked Questions.

What happen when driver accept a job?
When driver accept a Job, the job status column show green colour on that Job row.

TIP: By default system auto refresh the status every 3 minutes of main listing to show various statuses however if you wish to see instant update then just click on Refresh list.

What happen when driver complete the job?
The job automatically goes into completed section and disappears from the default display when driver complete or operator completes the Job.

TIP: Operator can view completed jobs when filtered from the Booking drop down menu.

Is there a way of restricting Operator access?
Yes Operator while creating more controllers can set their type as a dispatcher or receiver from setup cab office >> maintain Operator or refer to Operator setup manual guide.

● Dispatcher: Can access most of the features apart from mark-up prices and delete feature.

● Receiver: Cannot check reports or mark-up prices or delete existing jobs.

How can we edit SMS message buttons on driver’s Phone?
Operator can set whatever message they wish to have from various SMS buttons of driver phone from Driver Options >> Set Driver App SMS >> Choose type of message, edit the message and click on Save.
Can we send a copy of sent email to our own email address?
Yes user can set BCC address from Tools >> Set Senders Email and populate BCC value, every time email is sent a carbon copy is also sent to this email address.
Can we restrict driver from seeing a booking however booking should remain allocated?
Yes on the Job dialog we have a checkbox next to an image of person with cross, once this is clicked driver cannot view that booking from their apps.
Can we have invoice pattern customised as per letterhead ourselves?
No, user can ask us and we will try our best to give the best look possible.
Can we delete a booking and it remains in the system?
Yes we have this option and relevant dialogs are shown if deleted from the Job dialog.
We do school runs, can we create lot of bookings quickly?
Yes system has a reoccurring Job feature on the Job dialog that let you create multiple bookings in a single click.
Can we import or export Jobs to CSV ?
Yes user can perform bulk import or export bookings to and from CSV file, we have multiple type of export features please drop us an email with your requirement and we may help you further.
Can we track drivers in a Plot ?
Yes depending upon your setup, we can create plots and show drivers in different areas on the main screen.
Does the System perform driver calculation?
We have very comprehensive way of calculating driver amount, it can be based on percentage, manually entered amount per Job basis, percentage per job basis and on the whole of earning.

We also have features to note down booking fees per job if you pay commission to third party to bring the Jobs into the company and we can also deduct a set amount from driver calculation sheet if set accordingly.

Can we login from multiple PCs and apps at the same time?
System is rich enough to be logged in from multiple places and apps at the same time.